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Happy Clients

"We got our beautiful Scottish Straight Seele from Jennifer at My Maine Fold.  She was wonderful with us!  She answered all of my questions, helped me learn about the breed and she even came with me to our first vet Visit!  All of the kittens at My Maine Fold are beautiful, healthy and happy!  Jennifer and Geoff are the best!"

--The Burns Family (Phil, Tina, Harry, Stella, and Moriah and Seele)

"The kittens from My Maine Fold are absolutely gorgeous and i have the most endearing personalities!  They are loving, playful and make a great addition to any family.  The breeder is extremely passionate about her cats and it shows. The entire process from choosing your new kitten to bringing them home feels like you are part of the family.!  Rest assured yo will bing home a happy, healthy and well socialized cat!" 

--Michelle, Arizona

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